Saturday, August 11, 2007


"People vote with their hearts, not their heads. Kerry lost because of 'lack of facial movement', Gore on 'the hints of condescension in his demeanour', Dukakis because of 'the wooden use of his hands'. And Bush certainly didn't win because of his intellect." - Which gets your vote: head or heart?

"A decade of housing bubbles in the Anglo-Saxon countries and Europe's Club Med group, where euro membership has played havoc with monetary policy, has left many countries acutely vulnerable to a slowdown, let alone a full-blown slump... This time we may have to tighten spending or raise taxes if we go into a downturn." - Running out of credit

"Sunni minorities control a majority of Shias and other ethnic groups in Bahrain, the Emirates, Oman, and other Gulf states... The strategy of fragmentation suggested by Yinon in 1982 is not confined to the Arab world, or even the Middle East. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan are all part of Yinon's strategic thinking... Israel wants all other countries in the region to be restructured along sectarian, ethnic, doctrinal or racist lines." - Manifest colonial domination

"The only peaceful way to end this tyranny is if all the states secede from the US. We alleviate ourselves from federal debt, localize the economies, and get rid of federal control. No more Patriot Act, no more dismantling of habeas corpus, and no more bodies in Iraq. Yes, some of the welfare states will be forced to actually contribute to their own welfare. No more farm subsidies, no more handouts. If I want to help someone, it is my choice. The states can ally themselves regionally (which seems much more efficient given our shared utilities and resources) or not. It's all about local control. Sure, there would be a few horror stories along the way, but it's still better than citizen internment camps." - A Simple Solution – Secession