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Americanisation means the destruction of pretty gardens and houses and their replacement with ugly concrete structures.

Americanisation means crime, violence and unhappy children.

Americanisation means that beautiful old cultures are torn down and replaced with malls where you can buy McDonalds or watch a film about madness, mayhem and murder.

Americanisation means control by the military, the drug mafias and the big corporations.

When people try to resist Americanisation they find that they are subjected to false-flag terrorism and rigged elections.

"There are no people outdoors anymore—no kids on bikes, no neighbors talking over fences, no old men sitting on porches."

According to Gallup, 1957 was the happiest year ever in the USA.

After that, it was all downhill.

Bill Bryson has written about the destruction of pretty towns and farms in the USA.

Bill Bryson: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006)

1. American Farms destroyed

Bill Bryson writes: "I was born into a state that had two hundred thousand farms. Today the number is less than half that and falling...

"Most small towns in Iowa have pretty well died.

"Drive anywhere in the state these days and what you see are empty towns, empty roads, collapsing barns, boarded farmhouses."

Bigger farms make more money.

2. Americans' worship of money.

Bill Bryson describes the Americans' worship of mammon in the years after 1957.

"We were entering a world where things were done because they offered a better return, not a better world.

"People were wealthier than ever before, but life somehow didn’t seem as much fun...

"Women increasingly went out to work..."

3. Americans become more dumb and more criminal.

Bill Bryson writes: "Juvenile crime continued to rise and the education system seemed to be falling apart.

"The most popular nonfiction book of 1957 was an attack on American education standards called Why Johnny Can’t Read..."

"Television got itself into a terrible scandal when it was revealed that many of the game shows were rigged."

Can of US Cola in the West Bank. Picture taken by Justin McIntosh, August 2004.

4. American Towns destroyed

Bill Bryson describes what happened to Des Moines as the big corporations took over.

"Now we would be able to dine at the same restaurants, eat the same fast foods, wear the same clothes, direct visitors to the same motel beds as people in California and New York and Florida.

"Des Moines would be exactly like everywhere else...

"Often now along streets like Grand and University avenues the old houses were bulldozed to splinters...

"Two stately Victorian houses across from Tech High School on Grand had become sudden vague memories.

"The old downtown movie palaces were among the first to go.

"Bishop’s, our beloved cafeteria, closed about the same time...

"The Register ... which once truly was the pride of Iowa, got taken over by the Gannett organization three years later. Today it is, well, not what it was...

"My peerless Little League park, with its grandstand and press box, was torn down...

"There are no people outdoors anymore—no kids on bikes, no neighbors talking over fences, no old men sitting on porches.

"Everyone is indoors.

"All the downtown stores went one by one...

"Then somebody got mugged or saw a disturbed homeless person or something, and hardly anybody went downtown after dark after that, and most of the rest of the restaurants and nightspots closed.

"In the ultimate indignity, even the bus station moved out...



Begin playing chess with Brzezinski

Webster Tarpley believes that we are in for a new anti-Russia Cold War, thanks to Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Tarpley believes that Brzezinski now has strong influence with Obama and with the CIA.

Webster Tarpley: Brzezinski Seizing Control Over US Policy.

Tarpley believes Obama was recruited by Brzezinski at Columbia University around 1981, 1982, 1983.

Reportedly Obama is linked to the Bilderberger-Group through Joseph Nye. (Cached)

On Obama's economic team is Austin Goolsby, reportedly a member of Skull and Bones. (Cached)

1. KOSOVO - Reportedly, Brzezinski likes the idea of an independent Kosovo, because Kosovo is a NATO puppet and an opponent of Russia.

Tarpley sees Kosovo as being "essentially the terrorist KLA, an organization devoted to gun-running, drug-running, and trafficking in human slaves.

"The KLA is a Balkan version of Al Qaeda, and both are wholly owned creations of the CIA and British intelligence."

2. US EMBASSY, BELGRADE, SERBIA - Tarpley believes that the CIA goes in for false flag terror attacks as a way of stirring up tension and promoting a fascist agenda.

Tarpley believes Brzezinski was behind the attack on the US Embassy in Belgrade in early 2008.
This attack would be intended to put pressure on Serbia to end its hostility to Kosovan independence.

Tarpley suggests that Brzezinski was behind the 1979 attack on the US embassy in Teheran, Iran, which led to the taking of hostages and the crisis which helped to doom the Carter administration.

(Dr. William Engdahl in A Century of War: Anglo-American oil politics and the new world order, 2004, provides evidence that the 1979 Iranian revolution was supported by the Carter administration as a means to stop the spread of communism into Iran and the Middle East.

The Shah was seen as having become too independent minded.

It has been suggested that a pro-Reagan faction within the CIA did a deal with Iran that was better than anything Carter might offer.)

The Shah (left) and Brzezinski (right)

3. SYRIA - Brzezinski wants to lessen Russian influence in Syria, including the closing of naval facilities that the Russian navy has maintained in that country.

Brzezinski wants Iran and Syria as allies against Russia.

Brzezinski would also like Europe and China to be anti-Russia.

4. AFRICA - According to Tarpley, Brzezinski wants destabilization and chaos in Africa, in order to drive out the Chinese and in order to prevent them getting Africa's oil and other raw materials.

Brzezinski believes that if the Chinese cannot get their oil from Africa, they will be forced to attempt the military seizure of Russia’s oil wells in the Far East.

5. PAKISTAN - In July 2007, Obama supported the idea of bombing targets inside Pakistan without the permission of Pakistan.

Tarpley believes that Brzezinski is the brains behind Obama's foreign policy.

Tarpley believes Pakistan is being targeted because of its friendship with China.

Brzezinski reportedly wants to strip the Chinese of all their allies as part of a campaign to smash the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (A mutual-security organization founded in 2001 by the leaders of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.)

Brzezinski wants to break up the Russia into its ethnic constituents

7. THE FALL OF THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT - In May 2008, Romano Prodi's government was overthrown.

Reportedly, Romano Prodi's government had opposed the idea of confrontation with Russia.

Prodi had gone in for economic cooperation with Russia, 'much of it mediated through the Italian oil company ENI'.

At the same time, the Vatican had become more friendly with the Russian Orthodox Church.

The UK, Germany and France, reportedly, support the CIA line on Russia.

Gordon Brown has been "fomenting confrontation with Russia through such transparent provocations as the Litvinenko-Berezovsky affair."


Tarpley refers to:

1. The New York Times revealing scandals involving John McCain.

2. The media continuing to cover up the revelations of Larry Sinclair.

~~ seems to be sympathetic to Obama?

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Photo: Stanley Dunham with his daughter Ann and his grandchildren Barack Obama and Maya Soetoro during Ann's brief stay with her family in Hawaii during the mid-1970s.(,29307,1834628_1754221,00.html)

Obama's mother worked for the Ford Foundation and USAID, both of which are said to be CIA fronts.

With American money, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (1936–1982) was brought to the USA to study.

He studied at Harvard and later became a senior governmental economist in the government of Kenya.

How close was Obama Sr. to the US government?

It was in 1961 that Obama Sr. married a fellow student, Ann Dunham in Hawaii.[9] They divorced in 1963.

"No evidence has yet been discovered to show they were ever married." (The Truth Seeker - Obama's Mother!)

Ann Dunham was born in 1942 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas[3] while her father was doing military service.[4] Reportedly she is a distant cousin of Dick Cheney.

Image from:

In 1965, President Sukarno of Indonesia was toppled by the CIA and its friends.

In 1967, Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro and went to live in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Ann Dunham worked for USAID, believed by some to be a front organisation for the CIA.

(Obama as we knew him, man and boy) (USAID, the CIA, and the Coup in Haiti)

In 1969, Obama Jr., aged 7, was attending a posh school in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On his first day at school, 'Barry Soetoro' arrived with his Indonesian stepfather (Lolo Soetoro), who was wearing a military outfit. (The Observer, 26 October 2008, Obama as we knew him, man and boy)

Soetoro worked for the Indonesian army as a geologist and then took a job as a government relations consultant with Mobil Oil.[4][5][6]

Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, left Soetoro in 1972, returning to Hawaii and reuniting with her son, who had returned from Indonesia in 1971 to attend school.

In 1992 Ann Dunham earned a Ph.D in anthropology from the University of Hawaii.

Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, went to work for the Ford Foundation (The Truth Seeker - Obama's Mother!)

The Ford Foundation has provided "a respectful facade for CIA financial and contact operations."

(Ford Foundation is a philanthropic facade for the CIA [Voltaire])

One of Obama's Indonesian school mates is quoted as saying (Obama as we knew him, man and boy):

"My father and President Sukarno were the only people in the country with Cadillacs, and both were presents from my grandpa, who was the richest man in Indonesia."

Obama as we knew him, man and boy

Obama the Neocon?

Among the people supporting Obama are:

(The rise of the Obamacons / All the fun of the Fairness Act)

Kenneth Adelman

Francis Fukuyama

Rupert Murdoch

Most of the media

Adelman - a friend of Israel who worked for Rumsfeld

1. Adelman was an Assistant to US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Adelman is a member of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations (Membership List)

Fukuyama - a Neocon who worked on the Project for a New American Century

2. Fukuyama is an important figure in the rise of Neoconservatism. He was active in the Project for the New American Century think tank starting in 1997.

Murdoch - a friend of Israel and supporter of the Iraq War.

3. Rupert Murdoch's publications worldwide strongly supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq. During the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers worldwide editorialized in favor of the war.[16]


Barack Obama: Neocon Warrior Wake Up From Your Slumber

Barack Obama is a Neocon in Disguise


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In the USA, in 1958, Jimmy Wilson was sentenced to death for stealing $1.95 from Esteele Barker.[2]

This was 'fascist Christian' America.

The sentence "was overturned only after intense international attention and the interference of an embarrassed John Foster Dulles".[6]

It was commuted to a life sentence.[7] (Jimmy Wilson (handyman) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

John Foster Dulles

John Foster Dulles, a 'fascist Christian', was U.S. Secretary of State under President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1959. He was the brother of Allen Welsh Dulles, Director of the CIA under Eisenhower.

According to Karlheinz Deschner's book The Moloch John Foster Dulles gave financial support to the Nazi party in 1933 after Hitler's election.

According to Stephen Kinzer's 2006 book Overthrow, the Dulles's firm benefited from doing business with the Nazi regime; and in 1934, Dulles was a very public supporter of Hitler.

The Dulles brothers organised the CIA operation to overthrow the democratic Mossadegh government of Iran in 1953 (Operation Ajax).

The Dulles brothers organised the CIA operation to topple the democratic Arbenz government of Guatemala in 1954 (Operation PBSUCCESS).

Guatemala City

Guatemala, in 1950, elected a really good reformist government led by a landowner called Jacobo Arbenz, who was of Swiss origin. (Bryson, Bill, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, 2006)

America's United Fruit Company (United Brands) more or less owned Guatemala. About 85% of United Fruit's land was left more or less permanently idle.

Arbenz decided to buy, at a fair price, much of the idle farmland and give it to poor people.

Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, had served on the United Fruit Company's board of trustees. So, the 'Christian Fascist' Dulles brothers toppled Arbenz and replaced him with Carlos Castillo.

The CIA gave Castillo a list of 70,000 pro-reform people who were to be dealt with. Between 1954 and 1990, more than 100,000 Guatemalan civilians were murdered by friends of the CIA. (Guatemala '54)

Nevada 1951

America put its own citizens in danger when it tested nuclear weapons.

In 1951, a nuclear bomb was dropped on Nevada, at the Frenchman Flat site, 65 miles from Las Vegas.

With a later and bigger bomb, according to Peter Goodchild, "the radioactive dust cloud was so thick in Ely, Nevada, two hundred miles from Ground Zero, that the street lights had to be turned on.”

Bill Bryson, in Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid describes the scene:

"Visible fallout drifted down on six western states and two Canadian provinces—though no one officially acknowledged the fiasco and no public warnings were issued advising people not to touch fresh ash or let their children roll around in it."

Bill Bryson (Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid ) tells us what life was like in the 1950s in America, long before the days of George W Bush and the Neocons.

"The Communist Control Act of 1954 made it a federal offense to communicate any Communist thoughts by any means, including by semaphore.

"In Connecticut it became illegal to criticize the government, or to speak ill of the army or the American flag.

"In Texas you could be sent to prison for 20 years for being a Communist.

"In Birmingham, Alabama, it was illegal merely to be seen conversing with a Communist."


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Billy James Hargis became very rich.

Who is the classic American hero?

The lovely Sarah Palin, or the 'gay' John Wayne, might be considered classic American heroes but the best candidate for the title is Billy James Hargis.

Billy James Hargis (1925 -2004) was was one of the founding fathers of the Christian Right and he liked boys.

In the 1950s and 1960s, his Christian Crusade ministry was broadcast on more than 500 radio stations and 250 television stations.

Hargis preached about the evils of sex education, the welfare state, Communism, liberalism, women's liberation and, of course, homosexuality.

Hargis loved Israel and preached in favour of Israel.

Hargis accused Martin Luther King Jr. of being a Communist-educated traitor.

Hargis was was one of the first fundamentalist Christian leasders to urge his followers to get involved in politics.

Hargis was a close friend of General Edwin Walker and he became a member of the John Birch Society.

In 1975 Harry Dean claimed he had been an undercover agent for the FBI. In 1962 he infiltrated the John Birch Society. He later reported that Walker and John Rousselot had hired two gunman, Eladio del Valle and Loran Hall, to kill President John F. Kennedy.

Hargis founded the 'Christian Crusade' in 1950, a "Christian weapon against Communism and its godless allies."

Hargis formed the American Christian College in 1971 in order to teach fundamentalist Christian ideas.

Hargis was not all that he seemed.

After leaving school in Texas, he attended the Ozark Bible College at Bentonville, Arkansas, but left before he could finish his course.

Perhaps, like so many Americans, he had little undertanding of the Sermon on the Mount, but knew a bit about the Old Testament.

David and Jonathan

According to The Telegraph, 2 December 2004 (Billy James Hargis):

"In 1974 Hargis had conducted a wedding for two of his students.

"On their wedding night, in an episode reminiscent of the scene in Cabaret when Sally Bowles and Brian Roberts admit to having had affairs with the bisexual Max, the bride and groom confessed to each other that neither was a virgin and discovered that Hargis had deflowered them both.

"Not long afterwards, three male members of the college choir, the All-American Kids, approached the college authorities alleging that they too had been sexually abused by Hargis over a period of three years.

"Hargis had allegedly justified his acts by citing the Old Testament friendship between David and Jonathan and, just in case his victims were minded to consult biblical texts that were sympathetic, threatened to 'blacklist' them for life if they talked.

When he was confronted by his colleagues, he allegedly admitted his guilt, blaming his behaviour on 'genes and chromosomes.'

Was Hargis working for the CIA or Mossad?


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