Thursday, January 15, 2009

The CIA's control of countries around the world


The world's largest Moslem country is supposed to be an independent democracy.

But, of course, it is, to a large extent, controlled by the CIA.

1. A new book has sparked debate on the CIA role in Indonesia, according to The Jakarta Post, 25 November 2008.

The book is Tim Weiner's Pulitzer-winning book 'The Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA'.

This book reports that Indonesia's former vice-president Adam Malik worked for the CIA and was involved in the overthrow of President Sukarno.

Malik was reportedly recruited in Jakarta in 1964 by top CIA official Clyde McAvoy.

Malik reportedly recieved a lot of money from the CIA.

2. Around 1965, the CIA toppled Sukarno and put Suharto into power.

Suharto was reportedly a CIA-asset.

Malik became Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In 1967, Malik, together with the Foreign Ministers of Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore helped set up the pro-American ASEAN.

3. In 1971, Malik was chosen as President of the United Nations General Assembly.

4. After the 1978 election, Malik became Indonesia's Vice President.

In 1982, Malik received the Dag Hammarskjöld Award from the United Nations. He has also been recognized as a National Hero of Indonesia.


In 2002, Muhammad Saad Iqbal was taken from Indonesia by the CIA.

On 6 January 2009, it was reported that Indonesia's
State Intelligence Agency, and president Yudhoyono were to Blame for Iqbal’s Torture by the Americans.

Iqbal was arrested in a joint CIA-State Intelligence Agency, or BIN, operation and secretly flown out of the country in a practice known as renditioning.

He was allegedly flown to Egypt where he was tortured before he was transferred to detention centers in Afghanistan and ultimately Guantanamo Bay.

He was released from prison in 2007. He has never been charged with any crime.

Philip Agee worked for the CIA and exposed some of its misdeeds in his book Inside the Company: CIA Diary (1975)

What Agee wrote about Ecuador could probably also apply to Britain or Canada or France or just about any other country.

Agee wrote that, in Ecuador, almost all political organizations were infiltrated by the CIA, often at the highest levels. (Ecuador Killing Hope WBlum)

Agee explained that, in Ecuador, various CIA front organisations were set up. These spewed out propaganda. A well-known personality would deliver a speech prepared by the CIA, and then a newspaper editor, or a well-known columnist, would praise it, both gentlemen being on the CIA payroll.

Union leaders were taken over by the CIA.

In virtually every department of the Ecuadorean government there were people working for the CIA.

At one point, the CIA could count amongst this number the men who were second and third in power in the country.

CIA agents would bomb churches or right-wing organizations and make it appear to be the work of leftists.

CIA agents would march in left-wing parades displaying signs and shouting slogans of a very provocative anti-military nature.


Philip Agee said:

1. The 1965 revolution in the Dominican Republic was put down, "not because it was Communist but because it was nationalist."[5]

2. "Reforms of the FBI and the CIA, even removal of the President from office, cannot remove the problem. American capitalism, based as it is on exploitation of the poor, with its fundamental motivation in personal greed, simply cannot survive without force - without a secret police force."[8]


In October 2001, Agee wrote in CounterPunch ( USA & International Terrorism - By Philip Agee.) about how the CIA controls various countries:

There was electoral intervention, propaganda via the media, and also the penetration and manipulation of women's organizations, religious organizations, youth and student organizations, the trade-union movement - very important - but also the military and security services and, of course, political parties.

All of these institutions were free game for penetration and manipulation by the CIA.

In short, the CIA influenced the civic life of countries all around the world. It did this due to a lack of faith in democracy in other countries.


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