Thursday, January 15, 2009

ISRAEL STARTED IT; What YOU can do about it.

Jewish terrorists forced the Palestinians off their land in 1948.

Janine Roberts, at the Palestine Chronicle, 13 January 2009, pointed out that 500 Citizens of Sderot Contradict the Israeli Government

1. In 1948, Jewish terrorists drove the Palestinians out of Sderot and made it a Jewish town.

The Palestinians were forced into Gaza.

(Israel has carried out false flag operations to make Moslems look bad. The psycopathic gangsters who run society.)

2. In July 2007, Barrack Obama was taken to Sderot, in Jewish occupied Palestine.

At that time, Sderot was safe to visit.

There had been no rockets from Gaza since the ceasefire started.

3. In October 2008 an Israeli in Sderot emailed his friend in Gaza to say: "We have lived for almost 5 months in a ceasefire situation. On my side of the border, things returned to normal...

"In Gaza... they have many power shortages and very little fuel and cooking gas."

On October 9th an Israeli newspaper, the Star, reported that there were no more Israeli military incursions into Gaza.

Jews steal land, murder children and tell lies.

4. On 4th November, the Israeli army broke the ceasefire by raiding Gaza.

Six Palestinians were killed.

Next day some Palestinians reacted by firing rockets.

Some families in Gaza were having to eat bread made from animal feed.

Others were reduced to eating grass.

5. Hamas told Israel that it wanted a ceasefire, but the siege and starvation must end.

Israel's government refused to renew the ceasefire or end the siege.

6. 500 citizens of Sderot sent a petition to the Israeli Government.

It read:

On the other side of the border live a million and a half Palestinians under unbearable conditions, and most of them want, like we do, calm and the opportunity of a future for themselves and their families...

“We call on the Prime Minister and the Defence minister not to listen to the voices of incitement and do everything they can to avoid another round of escalation...

“We ask you to offer us the possibility of political arrangement and hope and not an endless cycle of blood.”

7. On December 27th, Israel launched a savage assault on Gaza.

Photo from Gaza by Fady Awan, Gaza City January 8 2009

Campaigns Urge Boycott of US Firms over Gaza Massacre

There is a campaign to boycott:



Pizza Hut

Coca Cola


In Lebanon, protesters angry at Israel's attack on Gaza forced the closure of a Starbucks coffee shop in Beirut.

Mad Cow disease

McDonald's may not give you Mad Cow disease or make you fat, but they taste of cardboard.

Coffee worker (

Starbucks is over-priced.

The $3 people you pay for a Starbucks is equivalent to the daily wage of a Central American coffee picker.


I've visited some rather dirty Pizza Huts.

(BBC NEWS UK England West Yorkshire Pizza Hut fined for ...)

And the pizzas from Pizza Hut are nothing like real Italian pizzas.

Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid and too much of this is very bad for your health

(The Health Hazards of Drinking Coca-Cola and other Soft Drinks)

Photo by Marlith

Two of the Marlboro men died of lung cancer.


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