Wednesday, August 05, 2009


General Motors HQ in Detroit, in the USA.

The real Detroit?


"According to the Giancanas, Detroit's 'Jewish Mafia,' the so-called 'Purple Gang' had put out a contract on Joe Kennedy's life for bringing illegal liquor through their territory without their permission during the Prohibition days."

(Chapters One - Four excerpted from the book Final Judgment.)


According to WSWS (Social crisis in Detroit: An investigative report):

"Detroit, historically known as the auto capital of the world, has been transformed into the biggest poor city in America, according to the US Census Bureau, with an official poverty rate of 31.4 percent...

"This once booming city of 2 million has lost more than half of its population, now standing at 900,000, with the exodus accelerating yearly.

"In some areas only the poorest people remain and the tax and employment bases have collapsed.

"As a result of the decline, Detroit has the highest high school dropout rate of any big city in the country—over 50 percent.

"It also has one of the highest unemployment rates in the US and is listed among the top 10 cities in home foreclosures.

"The city also has recently been determined to have the highest rate of families needing food assistance."


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